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This is One of Tantra’s Surprising Cornerstones

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Living a tantric massage Dubai lifestyle is marvelously simple and creative.  But it begins, like so many journeys, with a few, small steps.  However it is different than other hobbies, in that, rather than jumping straight into a skill or an idea, it begins with stress management.

When I tell beginners that, especially men, they are shocked, in some way or other.  “I thought Tantra was about sex?” they insist, big-eyed.  The more inquisitive venture, “What does stress have to do with Tantra?”

Well, stress makes it more difficult to have sex, and impossible to really enjoy in the pleasure of it.  People don’t even think about sex when they’re really agitated, or worried about money, or the future, etc.  And those who think about sex a lot when they’re stressed are really just looking for stress-relief, so they’re not anticipating the pleasure of the act, but rather the end result, is also not good for sex.

Tantra holds that stress keeps us from attaining higher levels of functioning, success, and happiness, as well as inhibiting our experience of the divine.  If you have noticed how much more difficult it is to be attuned to yourself when stressed out, or to enjoy life, then you can understand why stress management is so important.  Our society may value material gain, but it is only by appropriate management of the self that one may become truly successful.

Stress management is one of the most fundamental parts of a Tantric Massage lifestyle, and it is one of the easiest things to integrate into your daily life.  I am including a simple exercise from my eBook, The Power of Male Orgasmic Energy, to help anyone who is struggling with something in their lives, or who perhaps wants to achieve more and needs some extra help to rise to a higher level.

You can do this exercise in any quiet place, and since it takes less than a minute, that can mean your bedroom or yes, even the office bathroom.

When you are easily distracted and unable to stay on task, then try the clearing method a few times a day. If your boss criticizes your work, or puts pressure on you to finish an assignment before the holidays, try stepping aside and performing the clearing method:

  • Find a place where you will feel comfortable and unwind
  • Raise your hands over your head, slowly, breathing in deeply.
  • Relax on the exhale, begin calming yourself and think clear or untroubled.  You can imagine it on the backs of your eyelids, hear yourself say it, or maybe you hear someone else say it, whom you do not know but whose voice relaxes you.  Or maybe you just feel it,
  • Continue to hold CLEAR in the middle of your awareness as you slowly lower your hands to the middle of your body.
  • Finally, let go of CLEAR and become aware of yourself as a whole, human being.

Your body will slowly become accustomed to doing this on a frequent basis, making it easier to clear.

Fantastic, now your body is more relaxed and your thoughts are generating a clearer focus.

Other places you could practice the clearing method

  • In the master bedroom, with a partner, before intercourse
  • In the car, waiting for the engine to heat up or at a red light

Draw on your imagination and do some clearing today!   My next post covers “Simple Way To Take Control of Life”.

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