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Beginning Tantric Massage Dubai Services and creating this website has been quite a journey with lots of flow and has come at a time when I’ve been having quite an outer and an inner journey. Part of this has been a deepening into my masculine virility and feminine sensitivity.

As the journey has progressed I’ve come to feel a strong sense of Self and trust. I’ve felt and learnt to further distinguish the difference between story and truth, emotionalism and presence. I’ve embraced all of life – there’s been sadness, fear and joy, pleasure and pain, deep intimate connection – and I’m more welcoming of the uncomfortable bits. I’ve realised that sometimes life feels like it sucks .. simple as that … and that by not running away from this and fully embracing the “suck”, life’s richness and texture grows and beauty is revealed and all of a sudden the “suck” is a blessing, an opening, then love and gratitude comes. It’s a process … more to go for me … and I’m looking forward to it for once instead of playing victim.

This time has taught me a lot about Maturity. I’ve witnessed areas in my life where my Maturity as grown significantly compared to a few years ago. I’ve witnessed areas where my immaturities are really at play. One perspective on Maturity I discovered that is useful for me is “Knowing that stuff is going on, not denying it, parenting it, and still staying on course”. My practice has been to create from that place – a place of deep mature connection with Self. I notice I go off balance sometimes as my immaturities and woundings come to the surface, and I watch and gently bring myself back to center – loving, nurturing myself as best as I can – and continue on purpose.

Finally, it’s become clear that part of my purpose is to offer masculine grounded mature leadership balanced with feminine love, caring, receptiveness and sensitivity to support myself and others in their mission in the areas of Tantra and human evolution. My challenge is to deepen into my maturity to such a level that it is inevitable that my masculine authority will create my goals.

I look forward to the unfolding of this journey, sharing it and the life it brings.


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