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Yantra Acupressure Mat Can it Aid Lower Back Pain Or Insomnia

Yantra Massage Dubai

This is an easily transportable mat covered with spiked flowers which will stimulate special ‘acupoints’ on your body by way of acupressure. When the mat is unrolled, the surface is covered in 210 spiky ‘flowers’ that actually work in a similar way to the old fashioned bed of nails. The high level of acupressure contact points ensures optimum contact to all for the ‘acupoints’ that are located along the meridian lines of the body. I had been very excited to try the mat out, simply because I was suffering extreme anxiety and tension, and it says it can help this, not to mention promoting sleep at night, maximising energy levels and easing basic pains and aches.

What Can I Expect From Using It?

Acupressure mats boost healthiness through helping you to feel incredibly calm, reduces aches and pains leaving you feeling revitalised. The improved blood flow you obtain results in lower blood pressure as well as superior vitamin delivery. Subjecting yourself to acupressure may also bring about the release of endorphins and oxytocin, the body’s unique pain relief and happiness hormones.

It is based on touch and uses the same pressure points on the body used in acupuncture. In acupressure, the same points on the body are used as in acupuncture, but are stimulated with finger pressure instead of with the insertion of needles.

It will be for you if you’re tense, are a bad sleeper, suffer from low energy, suffering with muscle tension, stiffness, headache, back and / or neck pain. For anybody who is on prescription medication please consult your doctor before using the mat. Accupressure mats are not recommended for those who are nursing a baby or currently pregnant. Children may use the Yantra Mat as long as there is always an adult present.

The mat is flexible enough so that you can find the ideal position in which to use it. Some simple positions provided on Yantraway. com : are on your back (It’s the position which i would advise you use to start with), lying on your belly, on a chair (you position the mat on a seat or couch and then sit down on it), and if you are feeling brave resting a cheek against it. When on your back all of your acupressure points down the spine are triggered which results in muscles along the spine relaxing as well as a production of endorphins. If you lie on your front the acupressure spots along your tummy are stimulated relaxing your muscles, this results in improved digestion. Sitting down on it: your buttock muscles relax. It at the same time improves blood circulation in this location.

A Customer Survey

  • Three hundred and four Yantra Mat customers were asked questions about their mat, 280 females (92%) & 24 males (8%).
  • A 3rd of those questioned were aged 46-55
  • 8 out of 10 mat owners declared that the Yantra mat met expectations
  • 99% of people surveyed said they would continue to use the Yantra mat!

The mat provides me with a nice soothing thirty minutes along with beneficial effects on body and soul. Lying on the mat was not comfortable to start with, but a couple of minutes later I sensed a heated sensation spreading through my entire body. I Do feel refreshed as a result of lying on the mat; it’s ideal after a long walk.

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